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Dragon-DoomLord Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
Hah, you are such a nice guy, stealing people's work to use in your proyect even after they personally tell you to "please not use it" :3 I specially liked your excuse to doing so! It makes us feel really great about knowing that people out there use their countries broken legal system to do ethically wrong stuff! AND YOU EVEN POST IT ON YOUR GALLERY! YOU DESERVE A FREAKING MEDAL BOY! JOLLY GOOD JOB!

Yes... this is all sarcasm, you are an asshole
gensym Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
1. her read me file says just "This patch's contents are free to use, and I don't mind if you edit them either! But in both cases, PLEASE GIVE CREDIT and don't claim ownership over the goods"
2. You sound anti-communist and anti-russian.
Dragon-DoomLord Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012
She freaking told you to please NOT use her sprites, it doesn't matter what her read me says, it isn't some kind of absolute legal contract.

And what kinds of assumptions are those? What in the name of all that is holy did I said that makes me sound ANTI-COMMUNIST? Where was that even mentioned ever? I have my thoughts on communism, and they are definitely not ANTI, and I actually really like Russia, I love reading about it's history, it's art, and would like visiting it, but one must acknowledged their own countries flaws, like you know, broken legal systems, that you admitted you are using in your favor :T Like I do with mine about it's political, economical, and judicial and the like.

Seriously bringing that up doesn't have anything to do with this
gensym Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2012
>Um... you don't have to STEAL em, it's not some kind of obligation,
You either steal assets, pay for them or have a game without graphics.

>it's not like you can't try finding someone that will do the graphics for you
I'm NEET and don't have money to pay anyone. Besides, I've no intentions doing commercial indie project, because I despise C/C++/Java/C#, which are required to do indie stuff for IPhone/Android. Then again, when you work on commercial project you just ain't free, there are predefined goal, deadlines, boss and other crud. No better than working at macdonalds.

>Really, how can you be this much of an ass?
Well, besides a drake, I also need various other stuff, like trees or statues or UI icons. And most authors don't answer or refuse to give permission.
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